SQRZ App is a living event map and social networking service designed to point you in the direction of
today┬┤s event, happy hour or live music performance. SQRZ makes it easy and quick for anybody to create a private or public event and inform your local fan base in real time.

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Jagsch & Kopp

Jagsch & Koop is a german manufacturer for custom bathroom furniture. They needed a highly specialized e-commerece solution that allows the partners to configure and sell the companys products to the end-customer.

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That's me!

Stefano Casola

So what would I call myself? Artist, designer, technician? For me, this is just the wrong question. I love all technical things and I have a natural ability to understand how stuff works, but I realised that these are just tools. You don´t use a tool just because it is there, you use a tool to reach a goal or serve a purpose. And that´s how I think about web design and development. It´s about choosing the right tool to get things done and to reach the targeted goal. I love to learn! I love to learn about technique, but also about psychologie, coaching and business skills and entrepreneurship. I don´t make a profession of all the things I learn, but they help me to stay creative and open minded, to see how rich and colorful the world is. So I would love to share my thoughts and my skills with you. If you are interested, make it easy, and just give me a call or write me an email. I´m looking forward to getting to know you!

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