Slap King

A modern video based landing page for a very special event. Slap King is a face slapping contest. I approached a design that is modern and strong by combining dark colors with warm gold tones a some fire effects.


Sabine Matthiesen

Sabine Matthiesen is a professional coach with special drawing skills. The goal was to create a website that plays with the contrast between a strong business look and an artistic story telling element. The pictures for the video are hand drawn by Sabine. We created dozens of photos of these images and stitched them together to a very large image file. With a virtual camera, we flew over this scene to create a unique stylized video.



DS-Entertainment is a event production company. They have several products and needed a versatile Theme that changes colors and styles for every product page. The main design is based on the companies previous theme. I added adopted and optimized the theme and added the needed functionality.


That's me!

Stefano Casola

So what would I call myself? Artist, designer, technician? For me, this is just the wrong question. I love all technical things and I have a natural ability to understand how stuff works, but I realised that these are just tools. You don´t use a tool just because it is there, you use a tool to reach a goal or serve a purpose. And that´s how I think about web design and development. It´s about choosing the right tool to get things done and to reach the targeted goal. I love to learn! I love to learn about technique, but also about psychologie, coaching and business skills and entrepreneurship. I don´t make a profession of all the things I learn, but they help me to stay creative and open minded, to see how rich and colorful the world is. So I would love to share my thoughts and my skills with you. If you are interested, make it easy, and just give me a call or write me an email. I´m looking forward to getting to know you!

HTML - JavaScript - CSS - Node.js - expresss.js - WordPress - PHP - C# - Unity - Java - GoogleCloud - python